Every summer Capo d’Orlando’s population (13,000) is three times more thanks to tourists coming from all over the world. There is a reason and it is… the sea!

This is the real soul of this town which has more than 10km of beaches that will satisfy every need. Do you prefer sand or stones? Gravel or rock? In Capo d’Orlando you will have plenty of choice and you will enjoy the breathtaking panorama given by the Aeolian Islands. And what about the amazing sunsets? Every bather can follow the sun and dive into the warm sea.

Wind exposure, sea currents, continuous water exchange make Capo d’Orlando’s sea ideal for a swim at least 5 months per year, from May till the end of September.

The beach has two special characteristics:
– long, wide and sandy in front of the city center;
– sand, coves, rocks and stacks from the east of the cape

Photo by courtesy of “Natale Arasi”